Welcome to Hanse Downunder

Welcome to Hanse Downunder – the site specifically designed for Hanse owners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We believe owning a Hanse is more than just having a boat. We want to foster a social atmosphere amongst all owners, ultimately creating a thriving community of yachties with a common interest.
Whether you are a current Hanse Yacht owner or dreaming of owning your own vessel in the near future this site will provide you with valuable information. Hanse Downunder provides an online forum, maintenance tips, latest factory news, and provides an online shop to purchase genuine Hanse products.

Hanse Downunder is brought to you by Windcraft Australia Pty Ltd, the Hanse Yacht importers for Australia and New Zealand. Hanse Yachts have grown from strength to strength since Windcraft Australia imported the first Hanse Yacht to Australia in 1999.

As of August 2007 there are more than 100 Hanse Yachts in Australia and New Zealand. Hanse Downunder would like to welcome everyone to join the Hanse “family”.

Increase Brand Awareness with a Promotional USB

Increase Brand Awareness with a Promotional USB

Savvy business owners use the promotional USB to increase their customers’ brand awareness. One reason is that the device gives a business another medium to brand itself. Logos, slogans and other information may be printed on the exterior of the device. USB drives also come in many different shapes, sizes and designs. This range of physical attributes allows branding experts to customize the right style of USB for their client base and their clients’ specific needs.

Another reason the promotional USB is so desirable is the flexibility in the storage capacity of the device. The drives come in many different storage sizes. Common storage space sizes range from one gigabyte to 36 gigabytes. Yet, there are a multitude of different storage capacities for these drives. Smaller and larger storage capacities are available in these drives.

Businesses may choose to give their clients a blank device on which there is no previously saved information. This is an excellent gift or giveaway for clients who appreciate portable data storage.

Alternatively, businesses may also choose to load their promotional USB at http://www.promotionalusbdrive.com.au with information prior to giving it away. Types of information that marketers may choose to save to the device are a short video advertisement and text-based marketing materials that promote their business. 

The marketer may also elect to use a read-only USB. A read-only device prevents additional information from being saved to the device. If the promotional USB is preloaded with information it is possible to prevent that information from being erased and eliminate the option of saving new content to the device.

USB drives offer businesses many options to customize the drives to their specific clientele. It’s no wonder the promotional USB is a popular choice with companies looking to promote their business and enhance their branding.

Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes

Merrell Shoes is a corporation founded by Randy Merrell, John Schweitzer and Clark Matis in 1981. The company was to originally be founded by John Schweitzer and Clark Matis; however, the founders quickly enlisted the help of specialty boot maker Randy Merrell to design a high quality boot without the high price. This shoe company was built with the intentions of creating a performance hiking boot but has since introduced lighterweight shoes and a clothing line that have quickly taken off since being introduced. 

After only six years in business, Merrell Shoes was sold in the year 1987 to Asian company Karhu. With this purchase, the production of Merrell Shoes Online : http://www.brandhousedirect.com.au/a/collections/brand-merrell was moved overseas to help reduce the overall price of the boot and help grow the sales market. Within the next two years, Merrell Shoes became a worldwide company and had production in the United Kingdom, Canada, the United States, and Scandinavia. 

In 1997, Merrell Shoes was once again sold to Wolverine World Wide. Wolverine brought many important changes to the company including introducing a lightweight trail running shoe. Clothing and accessories were later introduced into production in 2007.

In the year 2010, Merrell Shoes recorded a record of nearly $500 million in sales of clothing and footwear.

Bitcoin Australia Users Appreciate Bitcoin’s Decentralization

Bitcoin Australia Users Appreciate Bitcoin’s Decentralization

Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that are gaining in popularity around the world. Businesses located around the world, from the United States to Australia, are beginning to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Bitcoin Australia advocates mention various reasons why they believe that bitcoin is a viable currency that has lasting power and hope for the future. The primary reason that bitcoin Australia advocates mention in their defense of bitcoin is the fact that it is a decentralized form of currency. This means that there is no larger organization dictating and manipulating the value of the currency. Unlike paper currency that can be printed and created in virtually limitless amounts depending on the needs of the financial institutions that back them, there is only a finite amount of bitcoins that can be created. The bitcoin protocol limits this number to 21 million bitcoins.

One question that is frequently asked of bitcoin Australia proponents is, What is a bitcoin based on? Conventional currency in theory has the backing of precious metals such as gold and silver. This means that in a perfect world a person should be able to take one dollar to a bank and receive its equivalent in gold. Of course, in the real world this is not how it functions. Bitcoin is not based on precious metals. Instead, it is based on complicated mathematics.

Individuals around the world, including Coinloft – buy bitcoins in Australia users, are able to use software programs that have a mathematical formula designed to produce bitcoins. The mathematical formula is completely free to access and anyone can check it at any given time. The software that is the brains behind creating bitcoins is open source, and so anyone can check the software to make sure that bitcoins are being produced in a fair and honest way.

Bitcoin Australia supporters include individuals who feel uncomfortable with the manipulation and control that governments have over government-backed currencies. It is this freedom from regulation that sets bitcoin apart from all of the other currencies. There is no central agency that can devalue the currency, and there is no central agency that can choose to take bitcoin Australia user’s bitcoins away from them.