Welcome to Hanse Downunder

Welcome to Hanse Downunder – the site specifically designed for Hanse owners throughout Australia and New Zealand.

We believe owning a Hanse is more than just having a boat. We want to foster a social atmosphere amongst all owners, ultimately creating a thriving community of yachties with a common interest.
Whether you are a current Hanse Yacht owner or dreaming of owning your own vessel in the near future this site will provide you with valuable information. Hanse Downunder provides an online forum, maintenance tips, latest factory news, and provides an online shop to purchase genuine Hanse products.

Hanse Downunder is brought to you by Windcraft Australia Pty Ltd, the Hanse Yacht importers for Australia and New Zealand. Hanse Yachts have grown from strength to strength since Windcraft Australia imported the first Hanse Yacht to Australia in 1999.

As of August 2007 there are more than 100 Hanse Yachts in Australia and New Zealand. Hanse Downunder would like to welcome everyone to join the Hanse “family”.

Do You Need Emergency Service From a Plumber Melbourne?

Do You Need Emergency Service From a Plumber Melbourne?

If you are searching for a plumber Melbourne to call for help with an issue in your home, one of the most significant differences you may notice between different plumbing companies relates to the availability of fast services. Some will only provide service during normal business hours, and others will provide emergency repair services. Even amongst those that provide emergency service, some may guarantee a rapid response within a short period of time, and others may place you in line for the next available plumber without a guaranteed response time. Timing is critical with many types of plumbing issues, so this is a critical factor to think about when you are deciding which company to contact for help with your current needs.

It is important that you determine if you need emergency plumber Melbourne by http://www.toscanoplumbing.com.au before you decide which company to contact for assistance, and you can easily make this determination by focusing on a few important points. Some issues are true plumbing emergencies, and they must be dealt with quickly. These issues relate to those that are impacting your property’s condition, such as a water leak or a backed up sewer line. Water leaks and sewage issues can cause damage to your drywall, flooring, furnishings and other features. They can also lead to mold growth. Other urgent issues may be related to your use of water. If you only have one toilet and the toilet is broken, this can be considered an emergency. However, if you have multiple toilets in the home, one broken toilet may only be an inconvenience. When you focus on the urgency of your repair need, you will be able to better determine which plumber Melbourne to contact for assistance. 

As soon as you notice that you have a plumbing issue in your home, it is important that you set up repair service. Emergency issues may require an immediate response from a plumber Melbourne. However, even non-emergency issues should be dealt with quickly. As you schedule your repair service with a plumber Melbourne, focus on these important points. This will help you to ensure that the matter is properly resolved for you in a timeframe that is suitable and appropriate for the situation.

RCG Courses Pave the Way to Bar and Hotel Jobs in Australia

RCG Courses Pave the Way to Bar and Hotel Jobs in Australia
RCG courses, or Responsible Conduct of Gambling courses, make it possible for bar and hotel workers to earn an RCG certificate. An RCG certificate is required to work in any establishment that allows customers to gamble in many Australian states, especially South Wales and Queensland. In certain states the certificate is referred to as a Responsible Service of Gambling, or RSG, certificate. http://www.catch.nsw.edu.au/the-relevance-of-taking-rcg-courses/

Bar and Hotel Work in Australia

The importance of attaining an RCG certificate varies from state to state. Nevertheless, adding an RCG certificate to your resume or CV makes getting hired by a casino, restaurant, pub or bar a good deal easier. Some may object that they intend to work in the food service industry, not a gambling facility. It turns out that the rapid spread of poker machines, affectionately known as pokies, has blurred the distinction between dining and gambling establishments. An RCG certificate can be particularly valuable for holiday workers or other bar and hotel industry workers that move from place to place to take advantage of seasonal employment opportunities.

Many job seekers wonder why Australian state governments require an RCG certificate to work in a bar or hotel. It’s a reasonable question, but the reality is that most pub and hotel employees work around customers that gamble. The purpose of an RCG course is to prepare workers to identify or even assist problem gamblers. There are times when the influence of alcohol or a gambling addiction can place the well being of a customer and their family in jeopardy.

RCG Training

Many states allow bar and hotel workers to earn their RCG certificate online. Yet other states require hotel and casino workers to attend a state approved RCG certificate class. Having an RCG certificate listed on your resume may be the difference between getting an interview and being passed over. Even in states that don’t require an RCG or equivalent certificate, completion of a RCG course serves as a desirable applicant qualification.

Car Finance Options

Car Finance Options

Most people have to buy a used or new car occasionally. When they do, it is important to be prepared financially before taking on the added responsibility of a car payment. While the best option is to pay cash in full at the time of purchase, few buyers can afford to do this. Considering car finance options before making a deal can help to keep your monthly budget in good shape.

Low interest loans.

The best car finance option is a low interest loan. Negotiating with various financial institution lenders and comparing interest rates as well as loan terms is an efficient way to find the best loan plan that you are eligible for. While the general goal for most people is to pay off the car as soon as possible, it is still important to set up affordable payments that fit with the monthly budget. Car finance plans should include the estimated or actual insurance premiums, along with maintenance and possible repairs. 

Penalties and fees.

When negotiating a car finance by 123 Carz, be sure to ask about penalties such as missing a payment or temporarily defaulting on the loan due to unforeseen circumstances. You will want to ask about a grace period. Many lenders offer 15 to 30 days for a missed payment before adding a financial penalty. Another point to consider is whether there is an early payoff penalty. Some lenders do not allow it, while others charge a fee. Many, however, impose no penalties for paying off the loan ahead of time. 

To ensure you are able to keep up with payments on time, negotiate for an effective car finance loan that works with your budget. Ask questions up front to be sure you understand all the terms. Then enjoy your new vehicle!

Bitcoin Australia Users Appreciate Bitcoin’s Decentralization

Bitcoin Australia Users Appreciate Bitcoin’s Decentralization

Bitcoins are a form of digital currency that are gaining in popularity around the world. Businesses located around the world, from the United States to Australia, are beginning to accept bitcoin as a form of payment. Bitcoin Australia advocates mention various reasons why they believe that bitcoin is a viable currency that has lasting power and hope for the future. The primary reason that bitcoin Australia advocates mention in their defense of bitcoin is the fact that it is a decentralized form of currency. This means that there is no larger organization dictating and manipulating the value of the currency. Unlike paper currency that can be printed and created in virtually limitless amounts depending on the needs of the financial institutions that back them, there is only a finite amount of bitcoins that can be created. The bitcoin protocol limits this number to 21 million bitcoins.

One question that is frequently asked of bitcoin Australia proponents is, What is a bitcoin based on? Conventional currency in theory has the backing of precious metals such as gold and silver. This means that in a perfect world a person should be able to take one dollar to a bank and receive its equivalent in gold. Of course, in the real world this is not how it functions. Bitcoin is not based on precious metals. Instead, it is based on complicated mathematics.

Individuals around the world, including Coinloft – buy bitcoins in Australia users, are able to use software programs that have a mathematical formula designed to produce bitcoins. The mathematical formula is completely free to access and anyone can check it at any given time. The software that is the brains behind creating bitcoins is open source, and so anyone can check the software to make sure that bitcoins are being produced in a fair and honest way.

Bitcoin Australia supporters include individuals who feel uncomfortable with the manipulation and control that governments have over government-backed currencies. It is this freedom from regulation that sets bitcoin apart from all of the other currencies. There is no central agency that can devalue the currency, and there is no central agency that can choose to take bitcoin Australia user’s bitcoins away from them.

Things to Look for in a Wedding Photography Melbourne Company

Things to Look for in a Wedding Photography Melbourne Company

When one is planning to hold a wedding, having a great way to preserve the memories of this great day comes as a priority to many. It is a fact that planning to have a great wedding takes a great deal of planning and execution. This is why every person looking to have a wedding will be seen searching for the best company for wedding photography Melbourne. This could prove a bit of a task considering the high influx of self proclaimed wedding photography Melbourne experts, who may not deliver impressive results as promised. Therefore, one needs to look for various characteristics that help to reveal the reliability of a photographer. 

Before hiring someone for wedding photography Melbourne with www.novaphotography.com.au, it is necessary to consult the time they have been in business. It is obvious that companies that deliver great results to their clients will always make sustainable profits to keep running for many years. However, it is not easy to trust new a company that has just entered in this market as most are simply after making profits at the expense of catering for the needs of their clients. Giving preference to popular companies helps a lot because most of these companies are always dedicated to offering their best so as to maintain their positive reputation. 

Companies that are located within the nearest town are also ideal as one will be able to get real facts about them from friends and people around. It is also possible walk into their premises to check on the progress of producing the photos that were taken in the wedding. One can also determine whether some editing is necessary before the photos are released. 

The size of a company also displays their potential to cater for the needs of their clients. Embracing the services of a large wedding photography Melbourne Company may mean quick attainment of one’s goal to have the finest photos. So, look for the largest firm when searching for the best wedding photography Melbourne Company. This can be attributed to their ability to have modern tools that make their work more perfect. Do not waste much time and energy when searching for a reliable photography company, simply rely on the referrals that friends have offered.